25 april 2017

Vabilo na IATEFL-ov sobotni seminar

Vabljeni na IATEFL-ov sobotni seminar. Za enega člana SDUTSJ je udeležba brezplačna. Program je zanimiv, vse informacije najdete spodaj.

IATEFL Slovenia sobotni seminar - 13. maj 2017
Osnovna šola Jožeta Moškriča, Jarška 34, Ljubljana

9.00 – 9.45
Andreja Hazabent
Learning through Lego bricks In this workshop
I will present ways of bringing the learning process closer to the students by introducing the use of lego bricks into my classroom. The only limitation in building with lego bricks is our imagination, so join me and experience how your childhood excitement can influence the learning of your students. Workshop, All audiences, 30 minutes

10.00 – 10.45
Vera Stoilov Spasova
Kamishibai projects
If you like drawing, stories, and theatre or you have never heard of kamishibai before, you are more than welcome to join this workshop. After getting to know the history of the Japanese street theatre, participants are going to watch a kamishibai play made by students at Primary school Naklo. In the end they are going to try the role of a kamishibai performer themselves and draw and make up a story in a group or by themselves. Workshop, Primary school ( 11 to 14 years), 30 minutes

Helena Miklavčič Jakovac
Life lessons to learn in English Matura poems
Ideas on how to approach the poetry required in the English Matura exam will be presented and some hand-on lesson plans will be proposed. Participants will be active and engaged in some of the activities. Poems will be examined not only in terms of structure, but also in terms of the life lessons teachers and students can learn from them. Talk, Workshop, Secondary school (15 to 19 years), 45 minutes

11.00 – 11.45
Barbara Dvornik
No technology, no problem!
No projector, no smartboard, no fancy photos and posters in your classroom- no problem! In this workshop you can find out how to make your students busy for at least 30 minutes using old calendar images, photos and pictures. There are many opportunities and even more fun to it. Workshop, Primary school ( 11 to 14 years), Secondary school (15 to 19 years), 45 minutes

12.00 – 13.00
Lunch break

13.15 – 14.15
Thom Jones
Learning to teach, teaching to learn.
Methodology to farce in under two minutes...The journey to teaching and why it must never end. Through looking at a variety of practical exercises we will explore the ways we can ensure our classes remain relevant and open to all learners, especially the teacher. Taking our jobs seriously, but never ourselves.

14.15 – 14.45
Q&A with Thom Jones

15.00 – 15.45
Milan Mandeljc
DEFROSTING FROST – bringing a Higher Level Matura poem closer to students
“Why do we have to deal with poems? There’s plentiful at Slovene classes…” A just question, if there has ever been one. Why does an 18-year old teenager need to deal with poems by foreign authors, even one as institutionalised as Robert Frost, America’s Poet Laureate? Unlike official analyses that glorify one’s autonomy, the fabled Two Roads will converge in a dead end.

Katja Leban
Phonics - Shall we start reading?
The materials of the phonics method after one year of implementation in the classroom will be demonstrated. Pupils in year 2 and 3 have been sounding out the words created from carefully selected letters and sounds. But have pupils started to read? Do they feel confident about reading? The demonstration presents materials that help them read not only words but also sentences. Workshop, Young learners (6 to 10 years), 45 minutes

16.00 - 17.00
Sandra Vida, Dragana Stegić
What we learned at IATEFL Glasgow 2017
We will present the benefits of attending "the big IATEFL" conference, explain its concept and the importance of being connected with fellow teachers, not only on local but on a global level as well.

17.00 – 17.30 Social