07 junij 2016

Vabilo Italijanskega društva za uporabno jezikoslovje

Posredujemo vabilo k oddaji prispevkov za mednarodno konferenco Italijanskega društva za uporabno jezikoslovje.

XVII International Conference of the Italian Association of Applied Linguistics
University of Naples L’Orientale – Second University di Naples
23-25 February 2017
Naples – Santa Maria Capua Vetere

The Conference is open to contributions from the following areas of research:
        Using second languages in the teaching of non-language subjects (CLIL, university foreign language teaching, foreign language training for job mobility etc.)
        Using second languages in professional communication (linguistic and cultural mediation, company management, scientific, institutional and multimedia communication etc.)
        Using second languages in technology (localization, assisted translation, automatic dialogue strategy adaption etc.)
        Using second languages with people who have disabilities (hearing and vision impairment, dyslexia, Parkinson’s disease, mental or behavioural disorders etc.)

Authors who are interested in publishing their contribution in the Association’s volume “Studi AItLA” are asked to send a full manuscript, written in Italian, for a second selection process to congresso@aitla.it by 31 march 2017.

For further information please visit the Association’s website: www.languages-linguistics.it.

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