15 april 2006

Kakšen bi moral biti dober učitelj tujega jezika stroke?

Ob prebiranju spletne strani TESOL Australia sem naletela na naslednji zapis:

What makes an accomplished TESOL teacher in Australia?

Dispositions towards TESOL

    1. TESOL teachers espouse the values of cultural inclusivity, multiculturalism, multilingualism, reconciliation and anti-racism.
    2. TESOL teachers appreciate the pivotal role of language and culture in learning, teaching and socialisation.
    3. TESOL teachers commit to reflective practice and program evaluation that is responsive to students' cultural and linguistic history and environment.

Understandings about TESOL

    1. TESOL teachers are familiar with and can critique existing provisions, policies, and curriculum and assessment frameworks.
    2. TESOL teachers understand the linguistic, cultural and contextual factors involved in the development of English as an additional language.
    3. TESOL teachers know a range of teaching and assessment practices and resources, and can evaluate them in terms of the context.

Skills in TESOL

  1. TESOL teachers respond to students' experiences and aspirations by developing appropriate educational provisions.
  2. TESOL teachers appropriately select and sequence language and culture content to provide for and critique meaning-making in diverse texts and contexts.
  3. TESOL teachers scaffold students' learning and English language development through appropriate classroom interaction, negotiation, teaching strategies, activities, materials and assessment.

Kaj menite, bi bil tudi pri nas potreben pogovor o standardih poučevanja tujega jezika stroke in standardih (dovolj) dobrega učitelja tujega jezika stroke?

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