25 april 2006

Learning communities

Kratko obvestilo samo v vednost zainteresiranim.

From 9 – 11 November, 2006 the International Conference ‘Learning Communities – Cyberspace as a New Space for Learning and Knowledge’ will take place at Klagenfurt University. Abstracts (max. 1500 characters) are to be handed in until May 15, 2006 with reference to the following subject areas:

• Collaborative learning in apprenticeship and further education
• E-learning-projects in schools, universities and companies
• Virtual learning and knowledge-platforms
• Learning in contemporary society
• Intercultural learning online
• Innovative e-learning-concepts
• Collaborative learning in specific fields, e. g. e-business, civil society, etc.
• Knowledge management
• Learning theories and online-learning
• The Internet as a space for learning and knowledge

Please register at: http://www.learning-communities.at .

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